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42 Zuidhollandsedijk
Sprang-Capelle, NB, 5161 HL


Deze website toont het werk van glaskunstenaar Albert Hendriks.  



Hentebeads is run by Albert Hendriks. Working with glass as a lampworker is a hobby for Albert. He likes to learn new techniques and tries to het better all the time. So the goal is to make beautiful glass works and not so much tomaten things that sell well.

HenteBeads has no regular opening hours. So if you want to visit the studio, you should contact Albert first

The beads and pendant that I make can be sent by regular mail. Many other things are too fragile to send by mail and must be bought in my studio or in a gallery.


Flamework or lampwork is melting and fusing glass at a torch. When making beads I use a mandrel, an iron rod with some beadrelease on it. I wrap the glass around the mandrel and use different techniques for decoration. When making a sculpture I use the glass and shape it by pushing and pulling and using gravity.

Albert Hendriks

Albert Hendriks

Everything on this website is made by Albert Hendriks. All objects are unique.